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  • The Supreme Court in London is about make its judgement in highly contentious case centred on the rejected business interruption claims that many large insurers have turned down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With large numbers of mainly small businesses reporting problems when claiming on their business insurance policies, the final judgement in the case will have huge implications for over 350,000 businesses involving claims totalling just under £1.3bn. The crux of the claim is based on the fact that during the UK’s first Covid-19 lockdown, many businesses were unable to operate, often because they weren’t able to access their business premises or because the type of business meant that working from home was not a viable alternative. Many of these businesses turned in good faith to the business interruption clauses contained within their business insurance policies. Despite many of these... Read More

  • New research by GLG that was commissioned by litigation funding specialists Burford Capital shines light onto the increasingly common use of third party litigation funding to resolve business disputes of all types. GLG approached a cross section of private law firms, in-house legal departments and other related professionals in the USA, UK and Australia, the territories in which use of litigation funding is most prevalent. The law firms surveyed had between 10 and 500 lawyers, whilst the in-house legal professionals were at firms with annual revenues ranging from £80m to over £4bn. Overall, use of litigation funding by private law firms has increased from 37% to 89%, with funding use by in-house teams also doubling over 3 years to 76%. Covid-19 Impact The survey also questioned the law firms and in-house legal departments over the impact of the ongoing coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.... Read More

  • Tech giant YouTube is facing a group action claim in the UK over allegations that the Google-owned video sharing platform has violated various privacy and data protection laws. The class action claim, being brought by specialist non-profit international law Hausfeld and Foxglove, accuses YouTube of habitually breaching breaking European data protection laws by unlawfully targeting over four million under thirteen year-olds with addictive programming whilst also gathering their data for use in targeted advertisers. Read More