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Welcome to Advantage Litigation Services. We provide affordable, economically viable access to commercial litigation for SMEs & individuals.

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Litigation Funding

The cost of litigation needn't prevent you from enforcing your rights. It's possible to fund commercial litigation in an affordable and economically viable way.

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Commercial Claims

Occasionally commercial relationships go awry and can harm your business. In these situations, it's vital you enforce your legal rights.       

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Litigation Protection

There are many insurance products now available that can reduce, or remove, the costs of failing to win a commercial claim.

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Latest News

  • An annual report from litigation funders Burford Capital are further evidence of the burgeoning civil litigation sector in the UK.In a recent business update for 2020, Burford, who offer claims funding to lawyers and clients engaged in litigation and arbitration, asset recovery and other legal finance and advisory activities, has reported record results, described as ‘the best year in its history for portfolio performance’. The listed funder, with main office locations in London, New York and Chicago, reported that its portfolio of ongoing matters is at its largest volume ever, with ‘record levels of realized gain and more cash from successes than ever before’. Burford, which was founded as a new way to fund legal cases by Christopher Bogart in 2009, is also planning on reinstating its dividend to shareholders despite profit after tax being down in 2020 due to ‘modestly... Read More

  • A group of private investors have recently commenced legal action against the failed Woodford Equity Income Fund (WEIF), seeking to recover losses sustained following the fund’s collapse in 2019. The group action claim is being made by RGL Management and focusses on losses sustained directly as a result of the collapse of the WEIF and also for “loss of opportunity” losses, suffered as a result of missing out on alternative investments that, in contrast to the WEIF, would have generated positive returns. The RGL claim is being made against Link Fund Solutions and Hargreaves Lansdown Asset Management. In an increasingly competitive market for claimant group action representation, RGL state that investors who join the claim will be offered the best value and financial return compared with any equivalent rival claims. Upon success, RGL will deduct 25% of damages inclusive of VAT, an... Read More

  • A recent ruling by the Court of Appeal in London means that a large group action claim against a number of large truck manufacturers can proceed based on its existing funding arrangements. In the claim, Paccar Inc & Ors v Road Haulage Association Ltd & Ors, 16,000 claimants have filed a class action claim against major commercial vehicle manufacturers, alleging them to be engaged in cartel-based activity. In defending the claim, Dutch-based truck manufacturer and a division of Paccar Inc DAF argued that the existing funding arrangement being provided by third party litigation funders Calunius and Therium constituted a Damages Based Agreement (DBA). If this was found to be the case, then the agreement would be unenforceable between the funder and the claimant and in such a situation, a tribunal may refuse to authorise collective proceedings. The Court of Appeal was asked... Read More